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короткий проверенный модераторами со льдом утвержденный международной ассоциацией барменов (IBA)

Light rum 45 ml

Lemon Juice 20 ml

Grenadine 10 ml

In a shaker half full with ice, pour all the ingredients, shake well and pour into a pre-prepared chilled glass.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the cocktail was the face of the Bacardi company, hence the name of the cocktail. The Bacardi cocktail visually resembles a cosmopolitan cocktail, and by composition - a Daiquiri cocktail. According to the Washington Post, the Bacardi cocktail emerged in 1937, at the end of Prohibition. The company released its new rum, and to make it more popular, it invented a cocktail, the main ingredient was this rum. The Bacardi cocktail originally, like the Daiquiri cocktail, contained rum, lime juice and sugar. The version with grenadine appeared later in the USA, and the oriental recipe for the cocktail originated in Cuba. In the 1940s, there was a court case over the authorship of the Bacardi cocktail recipe. The court ruled to recognize all rights to the cocktail for the Bacardi family. Some time later, a law was passed in New York, according to which only Bacardi brand rum should be used in the Bacardi cocktail.


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